Happy December & a smile for you!!

have a good one!!!


Okay, I have been a little busy

Things here have been busy, my days have been filled with projects, appointments, work, and Xavier. I have a lot of things that I am working on right now so bear with the lack of posting for now. So I will leave you with a picture of the little guy. Have a good one everyone.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know that it is the day before Thanksgiving but I thought I would say now since I won't have time to post tomorrow. Our plans are to head to Deon's mom's house for the day. So on that note here are the layouts I did:

more later- have a good holiday!!


a least I got something done...

okay I am still working on my list of things to do-- plus I am adding more. I really must get everything cleaned up today because I want to start decorating for christmas around here. Also, I am waiting for the December Martha to come in the mail this week, so I have been reading back december issues to start getting ideas. anyways Xavier is trying to fight sleeping in the swing or anywhere for that matter... not sure how tired he is since he slept all night. Here he is in the swing after I dropped something and woke him up:

Also here is the layout I did last night. I also got one more done, but I still need to do some journaling and then a photo will be posted.

well off to work on the list some more.


my little pirate

here he is:

p.s. tomorrow i turn 24....


Okay, I have been busy with this little guy...

So Xavier was finally born (2 weeks after he was due) and now the fun begins. I have to say that we are very lucky to have a calm sweet baby, who doesn't cry a ton and sleeps really well (at least for now) Plus Deon is the best with him and I am getting really great sleep. Other things that have been happening around here: Deon and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on Sunday. We didn't do anything special maybe this weekend though since it is my birthday on Saturday. Also my best friend Jeri came out for a week and came at the perfect time. She helped out so much while I was healing from the delivery and it was really great just to have her here. So now I am just trying to get a schedule going and getting some stuff organized around here. Plus I am going to try to get some projects done so I can teach them at work in the next couple of months. I also want to get my craft area cleaned up so I can work on Xavier's scrapbook... anyways without an more random delays pics of the little one.


Still waiting

Okay, so yesterday Deon and I spent a lovely 4.5 hours at the hospital to have the non-stress test and an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay and it is. The reason it took so long- nurses are on strike at about 8 hospitals and all baby related things were sent to our hospital, but on the up side free lunch and parking- I am scheduled for another stress test on Mon afternoon, a doctor's appointment on Tues morning, and then we will go from there- hopefully I will go into labor today or tomorrow so I won't have to be induced. (Luckily I am a few centimeters dialated so hopefully that helps) Anyways--- I wanted to share some pictures of me in the shirt that my mom hates (she thought I threw it away) it was my dad's and I love it, oh and Bentley wants to say Hi!!!


40 weeks and still waiting

So I am still waiting for Xavier to arrive, should be anyday now. My mom came and visited me last week (it was the best thing ever) I love having her around and plus I got to eat a lot of my favorite things.... like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and chicken pot pie- yummy! She also helped me get everything ready for the Xavier. We did have a false alarm on last Monday and we went to the hospital, but in the end I came home. Anyways, hopefully this week will be the one for him to come. Well time for me to eat some breakfast and get some more rest since I am extremely tired.


Fall is coming....

So today it is raining, of course on the day my mom is coming it is raining... good news though it is supposed to be sunny and warm for the rest of the week. I am still for Xavier to arrive. Should be here shortly according to the doctor. Anyways these pics are from earlier this week. (38 weeks)

I am so excited that he is going to be a fall baby. Fun birthday parties that is for sure. Today is also my last day of work for the next little while. I know that I am still going to be going there as much as I can to see all the fun stuff that arrives plus I will miss talking to everyone every day. This week is going to be spent finishing up little tasks of making sure everything is ready. (it basically is) and hopefully Xavier arrives since I have now reached the impatient part of waiting. I want to see what he looks like and everything. I am getting so excited. I must make a run to the bookstore. I want to see if the have a magazine that I have been looking for. That is my mission today.

Glad that fall is coming, glad about the changes are coming, glad that my mom is going to be here and just happy to see the leaves change.


20 days to go....

Okay Xavier, is going to be here, well at any time. I am getting overly excited as always, but I still have some stuff to do around here before I feel completely ready. I also have to go pick up a few things. I am hoping to that deon will have time to take a few pictures of the bump before it goes away and I begin flooding everyone with baby pictures. Well must head off to the shower and get ready to head to work. Have a good one, everyone!


a baby shower and a fixed window

The baby shower was great, I think it was the best party I ever had. I hope everyone had a great time, because I sure did. Now I must get to work on my thank you notes, and big thanks to everyone who was there. Loved every single minute of it.

On to today, we drove to the glass place this morning and got the window fixed in the car. (while waiting we went to the Joanne superstore) first of all I did not know that they made superstore and it was so much fun. So now I am a happy camper once again and I must get on with the day lots of baby things to wash and get put away.


37 weeks (24 days to go), a baby shower, & life

okay, here are some pictures at 37 weeks, also the fabulous outfit that I am wearing to my baby shower today. *note these were self-timer photos since Deon was sleeping

Today is my baby shower, and I am so excited. I got all dressed up for it, just because I felt like it. I think it is going to be so much fun. Bentley helped me with my hair. :) well, with blow drying it.

Anyways on another note, going through another bit of life trials with a major plumbing diaster and a broken into car. *To whom ever stole my rubber stamps and books- you freakin' suck. (I know they probably do not read this, but it makes me feel better just letting it out) and yes rubber stamps are not the most important thing in the world, but it still makes me mad. I am glad that no one got hurt and that the damage was only the back window.

Anyways, now that I have vented, I must get on with my life. Today is going to be a great day I can feel it, plus I already talked to my mom this morning and she is usually right about these things.


Just a quick update

sorry for not blogging as much as I should. I have been busy. I am finishing up working full days this week and will be going to half days for the next couple of weeks and then I will be on leave. Anyways, also have been busy getting ready for baby. Cleaning, setting up, laundry, touring the hospital, meeting with my doula, Laura and in general nesting. I am not quite done with everything but it is getting closer. So many things are going on I can't believe it is only 33 days until my due date- Xavier will be here so soon. Posts will probably be whenever I feel like for awhile so expect them to be completely random.


34 weeks

34 weeks and moving along with this whole pregnancy.... Today, I am getting my hospital bag packed which means a small trip to target to get a few things that I don't have. Xavier is moving and kicking and basically cracks me up since sometime it really tickles. Anyways, hopefully I will get a picture of me up here soon. This weeks goal is to get everything set up and ready to go. Well, I need to finish getting ready so I can get to target and have the rest of the day to go through things. have a good one!


Okay, I know that I still have a blog

I have just been really busy and when I get home have been really tired. I am now 33 weeks along and Deon and I have been busy trying to get everything ready for Xavier. Hopefully I will have pictures coming soon. Other than that everything has been going well... now I must eat some breakfast. have a great day. more later this week.


31 weeks

Okay here I am, at a happy 31 weeks.

After coming back from a visit home, I feel relaxed and oh so good. This week it was back to work and I went to my first prenatal yoga class. It was great and really helped me to stretch out and feel better. Overall, things are going great and I am trying to finish getting our apartment ready for Xavier. I also feel like sewing, so here come some baby bibs, blankets, and hopefully I will get some scrapping done.
well more next week.


Okay, I know

that I said that I would get the ultrasound pics up- but I have been so busy getting ready for our trip to idaho, that well, I didn't have time- However, we have a name for our son- Xavier (pronounced Zavier) Garel Ross. Well off to finish getting ready not sure when I will post next.


Here are the details

Okay, Its a Boy!!!! and the due date is Oct. 3. It is very exciting to have all some of the bigger details. I will try to get the ultrasound photos up today - but who really can see anything in those. well more later- p.s. feel free to come up with boy names because we only had a girl name.


Today is the day of the ultrasound

I am getting ready to drink my 48oz of water---seems like a lot to try and hold in for an hour while pregnant. I have to start in about 20min and then I have 30 mins to drink it all. Expect an update either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I am so excited. p.s. I still think that it is a boy!


growing baby

here are a some new baby bump pics!


Okay the doctor's appt. was long and only the beginning of many more appointments. My days off will now be filled with these. I will say that they are informative and pretty darn exciting. So yesterday, here is part 1 of big news, deon and i heard the baby's heartbeat. It was so cool, plus i think the baby ran from the little doppler thing. Because I feel that the baby is always saying stop invading my bubble, get away from me crazy people, reason for this conclusion- everytime someone touches my stomach the baby may kick them but more importantly it seems to move away from wherever there is pressure on the stomach. Anyways, Monday is the day of the ultrasound at 11:00 am- a little sad that deon won't be there, but (we both can never see anything in those pictures anyways) and he has a new job- which i must say is exciting. Tuesday- I have an appointment with my midwife for a complete exam and she works together with my doctor. So very exciting. Oh and by measuring my stomach the guess is right now I am 5 1/2 to 6 months so the baby will be here sooner than later. Totally excited and am really impatient to meet this little one.


Doctor Day

Today is the doctor's appt. Hopefully all is well, I will try to update the blog this afternoon with details, but I will have a ton of phone calls to make sooooo maybe in the morning.


Baby movement

Just thought I would do a brief recap of the events from this week. On July 3rd, I saw the baby move. How exciting is that--- I started telling Deon look I have alien belly- (you know in the movie alien how their bellies move all crazy, that at the time was all I could think of) Anyways, anyone who knows me now realizes that I am obsessed with this for the time being. Everytime I see it move, I get excited and sometimes laugh in crazy outburst because it tickles like crazy. I love seeing it and feeling it and knowing that the baby is there growing strong. Onto the next day- July 4th, we drove to sacramento and it was fabulous, I laid around, napped, and ate. How much more fun can that be? Loved every single minute of it. Then we came home and lit some sparklers and finally went to sleep.(photos later- I haven't transferred them to the computer yet). The rest of this week entails nothing but work and hoping that Monday comes quickly. I can't wait for the the doctor's appointment and getting an ultrasound. Yeah!!!
Well thats about it for now. Until next time.


Monday, Monday, Monday

Okay so this morning I actually had a bit of motivation--- I got Deon to help me move furniture around and take down my desk. This has really helped make some more space- not only can we move the living room around (we might really do that) we can move the couch back a little- the big bonus is that we should be able to fit the crib in our room now. Okay, I am still not done moving things around, mainly trying to clean out and condense my craft area- very hard.
Doctors appointment turned out to be filling out paper work--- so no news--- bummer I know, but I have an appointment next Monday at 1 and I will be getting an ultrasound then too. So next week I should know more. Well off to figure out what is going to be for dinner.


Okay, it may not be the best pic

however, here is the first baby bump picture---enjoy!



Okay, I think that being pregnant has made me more assertive towards certain situtaions . So getting a doctor's appointment had been no easy task...one place said they could see me in november. (baby should be here before then) So needless to say hours on the phone trying to get an appt = meltdown. Finally, I said that's it some is seeing me now dang-it. So on mon. at 1:00, I will be at the doctors. Thank goodness!!!

Okay-- moving on this week is going to be busy- I have a ton of stuff to go through, some samples, to make and I have to have deon start working on moving the furniture around. This is going to be a long process, but will be completely worth it.

Anyways-- have a good week, not sure when I will blog next.


Okay, I am still alive just busy and tired.

Okay-- so in between working and trying to figure out how we are going to go through everything and get ultra organized before the baby comes- I have been sleeping. I have a few class projects that I am working on for work that I need to get finished. Anyways, and trying to find a doctor is well trying. Hopefully I will get in next week and be able to tell a due date that is close to correct- (sometime between sept and november is where it is at right now) I will update as soon as we know more. But for now the excitement continues. Yeah Baby!!!


Hey, guess what

Deon and I are having a BABY!!!!
Boy or girl? who knows more info later---but I must say the excitement has set in.