Sketch #2 and a Garden Check-In

 Here are some of my seedlings now:
And here are some blooms from around the yard.
have a good one... :) 


A full post

coming first thing tomorrow, filled with the sketch and photos of my garden in the making. This weekend has been filled with outdoor projects (finished planting my seedlings), making my garden journal (turned out awesome), and have been doing some spring cleaning. In other news, I ran my finger through the sewing machine so I have not been tackling the projects because I really need that finger to not hurt when I sew. So tomorrow will be the day to tackle those, hopefully.

Here's today's agenda:
Plant eggplant
Put the homemade turkey stock in a ziploc bag
Finish cleaning out the closet upstair (I need room for prop space & a shipping area)
Clean off my desk
Work on my business plan
Do some product development
Research photo shoot locations
Develop an idea for a spring tutorial on the blog

Now, lets see how much I get done!

**edited- crossed off what I achieved yesterday. Now I am going to try to get the rest done and since my laptop is downstairs and the scanner is upstairs the sketches will be up in the morning tomorrow. Plus, I will get the next swatches up. Have an great day!!


A favorite combination: Orange & Pink

Oh, how I love you orange and with a dose of pink you are so pretty. This swatch board is based on that color combo. So here you go-

A. Full Bloom in Orange from Amy Butler 
B. Orange/Ripple Stripe from Amy Butler
C. Tangerine/Dream from  Amy Butler
D. Munki Spots by Heather Ross from Reprodepot 
E. Mingling/ah09 gold from the Garden Party Collection by Anna Maria Horner 
F. Cathedral/ah21 Zinnia from the Good Folks Collection by Anna Maria Horner
G. DC3901_Petal Mod Blooms from the Andalucia Collection by Patty Young 
In other exciting news, here are some of my first sprouts of the season:  
 *yellow pear tomato
I am so excited! The garden is starting to sprout....


Sketchboard #1

I really loved the fabrics from last Wednesday's swatch board (note: for information on fabrics and where to get them click here for the post) Anyways, in the future I will get up the sketch board on Friday, but with all the Easter festivities and the rush of projects I am trying to get done, it fell by the wayside. 
Let me know what you think of it!


I have been super busy with a variety of things...

tomorrow, I will get the sketches up, but for now here are some photos of the beginnings of my garden, (only half is planted) and the baking of Jeri's birthday cake...
Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting
Jeri testing the icing!
the finished 4 layer cake!
and here are some cookies that I made: I need to find a better icing recipe! They looked cute, but really didn't taste that great...
As a side note: here is a photo of the Easter pie I made for breakfast on Easter. 
The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. I got mixed reviews on it. Mainly it was a little too cheesey, but it did have lots of spinach and other goodness in it!  


I will try to get a real post up today after the egg hunt...

wish us luck and happy easter weekend!


Sorry for the lack of posting...

i have been found here:  

 *sewing napkins for Jeri's 25th birthday party on Sat.
I have spending as much time as I possibly can working in my studio, watching golden girls and murder, she wrote (I am getting desperate for season 3 and the rest of them) and attempting to cross off as many projects as I can in order to devote more time to finishing my portfolio, website (well, deon is working on that), and designing some children's clothing. I will soon be able to show you the projects that I have been working on, but most are baby related items so you will have to wait and see. 

As a side note:
welcome April, may you be filled with productivity, warmer days, garden fun, sewing projects, time spent with friends and family, working out accompanied with weightloss and forging ahead with my career goals.