Okay, it may not be the best pic

however, here is the first baby bump picture---enjoy!



Okay, I think that being pregnant has made me more assertive towards certain situtaions . So getting a doctor's appointment had been no easy task...one place said they could see me in november. (baby should be here before then) So needless to say hours on the phone trying to get an appt = meltdown. Finally, I said that's it some is seeing me now dang-it. So on mon. at 1:00, I will be at the doctors. Thank goodness!!!

Okay-- moving on this week is going to be busy- I have a ton of stuff to go through, some samples, to make and I have to have deon start working on moving the furniture around. This is going to be a long process, but will be completely worth it.

Anyways-- have a good week, not sure when I will blog next.


Okay, I am still alive just busy and tired.

Okay-- so in between working and trying to figure out how we are going to go through everything and get ultra organized before the baby comes- I have been sleeping. I have a few class projects that I am working on for work that I need to get finished. Anyways, and trying to find a doctor is well trying. Hopefully I will get in next week and be able to tell a due date that is close to correct- (sometime between sept and november is where it is at right now) I will update as soon as we know more. But for now the excitement continues. Yeah Baby!!!


Hey, guess what

Deon and I are having a BABY!!!!
Boy or girl? who knows more info later---but I must say the excitement has set in.