Baby movement

Just thought I would do a brief recap of the events from this week. On July 3rd, I saw the baby move. How exciting is that--- I started telling Deon look I have alien belly- (you know in the movie alien how their bellies move all crazy, that at the time was all I could think of) Anyways, anyone who knows me now realizes that I am obsessed with this for the time being. Everytime I see it move, I get excited and sometimes laugh in crazy outburst because it tickles like crazy. I love seeing it and feeling it and knowing that the baby is there growing strong. Onto the next day- July 4th, we drove to sacramento and it was fabulous, I laid around, napped, and ate. How much more fun can that be? Loved every single minute of it. Then we came home and lit some sparklers and finally went to sleep.(photos later- I haven't transferred them to the computer yet). The rest of this week entails nothing but work and hoping that Monday comes quickly. I can't wait for the the doctor's appointment and getting an ultrasound. Yeah!!!
Well thats about it for now. Until next time.

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