Xavier's party was so much fun

It took some recovery time and now I am off onto so many other projects. I am also planning another birthday party for my nephew. On that note here are some photos of the different things for Xavier's party:

Here are the stack of suitcases that I designed for the party. Each suitcase held the party favors which included: a photo of Xavier, some candy, a compass, homeade notebooks (photo to follow), homeade tissue cases, a pen and pencil. Overall, I love how the suitcases came out. I used chipboard, spray paint (metallic and seude) duct tape and hot glue to create them.

The cake was a banana chocolate cake, it is supposed to be a suitcase, but sort of turned out like a football (that is what the guys thought anyways). Xavier loved the way it tasted and is very easy for a baby to eat.
The recipe can be found here:

Here are the little notebooks I made. They used: chipboard, making memories travel paper (8x8 pad with their word stickers and borders), a stamp from papersource, lined schoolbook paper, junkitz travel stamps on the back, xyron to laminate, and the bind it all- I love the way it turned out.

Here are the thank you cards- they are going out today, but I made them a halloween theme since it is so close to that fun holiday.

So there are a few fun things that I did for the party.

Now I am off to jump in the shower while xavier naps and get ready to start working on some new things I will keep you updated.


Wow, another week

So my new camera arrived, (thank you mom & dad) and so the I began taken way too many pictures. Xavier grew grumpy & I only got the laptop when trying to photograph deon. I also got a new haircut basically chopped off over 10 inches. It feels good, no more headaches and such the only draw back is that now I actually have to spend the five minutes to get ready in the morning. Anyways today is my day off, I have lots of things to get done, cleaning, dishes, work on my hall of fame entry and the valentine card class I hope to teach at work. So I better get started on it here soon or else nothing will get done.

seriously, mom no more pictures right now!!


A New Year

So Xavier and I are sitting here, him with his bottle and me with my hot chocolate, excited that it is the beginning of a brand new year. So we thought we would start with a little year in review--- here it is in photos:

So the blog got a lot of update and expect something new each month. I am going to try to update at least 3 times a week and start getting more of my projects on here. Plus Deon is going to help me make some videos that I can post. So they could be from outings, Xavier, or instructions for projects. I also have some surprises in store and they will unfold over time. Anyways, we want to wish you everyone a happy new year and may 2008 be awesome!!