Still waiting

Okay, so yesterday Deon and I spent a lovely 4.5 hours at the hospital to have the non-stress test and an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay and it is. The reason it took so long- nurses are on strike at about 8 hospitals and all baby related things were sent to our hospital, but on the up side free lunch and parking- I am scheduled for another stress test on Mon afternoon, a doctor's appointment on Tues morning, and then we will go from there- hopefully I will go into labor today or tomorrow so I won't have to be induced. (Luckily I am a few centimeters dialated so hopefully that helps) Anyways--- I wanted to share some pictures of me in the shirt that my mom hates (she thought I threw it away) it was my dad's and I love it, oh and Bentley wants to say Hi!!!

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mare said...

Oh my, I hope X arrives safe and soon!