Project of the Week- Wishing you well cards

I was going to do a sewing project this week, but I can't show some of the stuff i am working on since they are gifts. So here are some get well cards i made, feel free to change the sentiment to whatever occasion you wish. I think that they would make awesome Happy Spring cards or a birthday card.

here's what they look like finished-
Cardstock (mine is from Michael's)
Patterend Paper (I used the Heather Bailey paper from Autumn Leaves)
Craft Stick (or other type of glue)
Embellishments ( I used gems, stickers, decorative paper, clear rubber stamps, and cardstock)
So here we go:          
Step 1:
Fold cardstock in half and line up the straight edge of the template on the folded edge of the cardstock. Trace and cut out (picture 2)

Step 2: 
Use scrap paper that has a straight edge and apply glue to one half of the card. Adhere to the back of your pattern paper (see picture 2).
Step 3: 
Cut out around the card (see picture 1). Next begin embellishing: I used a stickers, cardstock, a technique tuesday tile, and the wishing you well stamp from hero arts. *note when applying the strips of cardstock let them hangover the edge (see picture 2) and then cut after the glue has dried. 
I added some gems for some sparkle and used a watermark inkpad to decorate the envelopes. The size of the cards fit in an A7 envelope. *Note: these cards did use extra postage and I recommend when ever you use gems or things that stick up to take them up to the post office employees. They can check to see if the cards will get stuck in the machines, which could mess up all your hard work. 


Project of the Week: Heart Garland

a last minute holiday touch. *I used the cricut Doodlecharms cartridge to cut  out all the hearts but you can cut them the old fashioned way or with other die cut machines.
Cardstock (I used pink, bright pink, and red)
invisible thread 
Sewing machine
Diecut machine
Step 1: Cut out all the hearts in various sizes (mine range from 1.5" to 5") 
Step 2: Thread sewing machine with invisible thread and begin sewing hearts together in a random order. (note: pull enough thread out after sewing each heart in order to have them hang a few inches apart.) 
Step 3: Hang garland and enjoy!

I love the way this looks in the corner of my studio. I think I might make seasonal ones to hang right there! Next up Shamrocks!


Project of the Week plus Photo of the Week

Here is the project of the week: A Day of the Week Memo Board
I used some leftover chipboard and covered it with some Heather Bailey paper from Autumn Leaves. Then I created some labels to cover clothespins and adhered those to the chipboard. So far it is coming in so handy in my studio since it really helps me to organize my projects for each day. I have been using scrap paper for my lists. 
and now for the Photo of the Week: Xavier got a special treat for the first day of February. A powdered doughnut. lets just say he loved them and the mess was everywhere. :)