Okay the doctor's appt. was long and only the beginning of many more appointments. My days off will now be filled with these. I will say that they are informative and pretty darn exciting. So yesterday, here is part 1 of big news, deon and i heard the baby's heartbeat. It was so cool, plus i think the baby ran from the little doppler thing. Because I feel that the baby is always saying stop invading my bubble, get away from me crazy people, reason for this conclusion- everytime someone touches my stomach the baby may kick them but more importantly it seems to move away from wherever there is pressure on the stomach. Anyways, Monday is the day of the ultrasound at 11:00 am- a little sad that deon won't be there, but (we both can never see anything in those pictures anyways) and he has a new job- which i must say is exciting. Tuesday- I have an appointment with my midwife for a complete exam and she works together with my doctor. So very exciting. Oh and by measuring my stomach the guess is right now I am 5 1/2 to 6 months so the baby will be here sooner than later. Totally excited and am really impatient to meet this little one.

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