Wow, another week

So my new camera arrived, (thank you mom & dad) and so the I began taken way too many pictures. Xavier grew grumpy & I only got the laptop when trying to photograph deon. I also got a new haircut basically chopped off over 10 inches. It feels good, no more headaches and such the only draw back is that now I actually have to spend the five minutes to get ready in the morning. Anyways today is my day off, I have lots of things to get done, cleaning, dishes, work on my hall of fame entry and the valentine card class I hope to teach at work. So I better get started on it here soon or else nothing will get done.

seriously, mom no more pictures right now!!

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Lorena said...

cool camera kz! that cutie pie baby is going to be the focus of it!
just wanted to pop in and say hi, your new haircut is way cool and keep up the creativity on your card making.